Calendar Raffle

THIS IS ONLY A SAMPLE. To purchase an actual calendar contact our office or go to a participating brokerage.

Introducing the Sussex County Association of REALTORS® Calendar Raffle!!

What it is:

The SCAR Calendar Raffle is a lottery contest to win cash prizes through the course of a given amount of time; in this case, June, July and August. Winners will be determined by random drawing every two weeks, with the first drawing taking place on June 1st 2021 and the final drawing taking place on August 26th 2021. Winners will be put back into the pool of selections, giving each person 91 chances to win! Prizes are $10, with a random $100 prize each month. Winning just one time will get you your money back, as calendars raffle tickets cost just $10 each! We must sell 200 lottery calendars for the contest to be valid, so be sure to get yours today! Calendars will be on sale until Monday, May 31st.

How to Play:

You do not have to be a SCAR member to play! Anyone can purchase a ticket for themselves or as a gift! Calendars are on sale at Brokerages across Sussex County and here at the SCAR office. Simply fill out the lower portion of the calendar with the intended winners name, address, phone, and email and return to the SCAR office at 351 Sparta Ave, Suite 101A in Sparta with your payment. Make sure it’s legible!

The Drawing:

The drawings will take place every two weeks, here at the SCAR office with the first drawing on June 1st and the final drawing on August 26th. Drawings will be held live and winners will be announced on Facebook and our website. Checks will be mailed to the winners the same day!