Options Plus

SCAR is excited to announce, we now have Individual Limited Medical Insurance available for our members. Enrollment is now open for an April 1st effective date.
We have gotten calls for years asking about medical insurance from your members and are now finally able to provide it! The plan being offered is a MEC Plan & is ACA compliant, so it satisfies the NJ Individual Mandate and Penalty.
MEC plans through Options Plus eliminate the penalty and are super affordable. They do not include catastrophic coverage, but they cover your day to day medical and Rx needs. We have also built in many other perks like the discount dental and vision to help round out the coverage. We find this is the perfect happy medium for people want something between a high-cost medical plan and nothing at all.

The Ultimate MEC Plan Includes:

* Wellness and Preventive Services – 100% Covered
* Unlimited visits for Primary Care, Specialists, Urgent Care, Lab, X-Rays ($15 – $50 copay)
* Generic and Brand Rx Coverage
* Unlimited Telemedicine $0 Copay
* 3 Virtual Behavioral/Mental Health Visits ($50 copay)
* Discount Card – Dental, Vision, DME, Diabetic supplies, Fitness, and more
Network: Multiplan PHCS is a very large network especially in NJ!
Customer Service: Dedicated customer service center – average answering time is about 2 minutes!

Health and Wellness Benefits with Options Plus Discount Plan

SCAR has partnered with Options Plus to provide you with much needed, value added, healthy living benefits including Dental, Vision, Pharmacy/Teladoc and more to help you and your immediate family members save money and maintain optimal health. This exclusive SCAR benefit program is being offered to you as a valuable member of our Association. With several plans to choose from, we are confident you will find something that fits your needs.

These benefits are not insurance. These benefits can be used as a supplement to existing dental, vision, or health insurance plans to help fill in coverage gaps or can be used as primary benefits for those currently without coverage.

Immediate family consists of spouse, domestic partner and children up to age 26. The SCAR Benefits website will detail your monthly contributions for the plan options. Please note, there will be no additional charge for your immediate family members.

To find out more, click on the benefit links at the top right the SCAR Benefit website here