SCAR Leadership


Molly Whilesmith, Executive Officer 973-383-3949

Board of Directors


President – Susan Greaves Term 12/31/2018
President Elect – Karen Glowack 12/31/2018
Vice President – Catherine Greco 12/31/2018
Secretary/Treasurer- Alison Callow 12/31/2018
President – Karen Glowacki Term Ends 12/31/2018
President Elect – Catherine Greco Term Ends 12/31/2019
Vice President – Alison Callow Term Ends 12/31/2018
Secretary/Treasurer – Jennifer Chitty Term Ends 12/31/2019
Past President – Pamela Willard Term Ends 12/31/2018
Director – Sandy Gardner Term Ends 12/31/2018
Director – Mark Iussig Term Ends 12/31/2018
Director – Nancy Swanson Term Ends 12/31/2018
Director – Kim Loizzi Term Ends 12/31/2018
Director – Glenn Schechter Term Ends 12/31/2018

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Interested in serving on the Board of Directors?  The Past President serving on the Board of Directors traditionally serves as the Nominating Committee Chair.  Review the Nominating Committee guidelines for more information!  Nominations are typically accepted between June 15th and August 1st.  Click here for the form.  Committee service is strongly considered when candidates are being selected so consider serving on a committee!

Committee Chairpersons

Broker / Managers Alison Callow
Building Susan Greaves
Social Events Jennifer Phillips
Education John Massari
Finance Frank Duquette
Golf Outing Dan Corrigan, Cathy Kut, Pam Willard
Government Affairs Leslie Hamilton
Grievance Karen Glowacki
Technology Tiffany Kjellander
Membership / Services Laurie Richmond
NJAR Circle of Excellence Marjorie Morville
Nominating Pam Willard
Policies & Procedures Alison Callow
Professional Standards Teri DeGroat
Mediators Susan Pasqualli, Charlene Fiorita
Public Relations Nancy Hawk
Community Service Nancy Hawk
REALTOR® of the Year Dan Corrigan
RPAC Fund Raising Dawn Corbo