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NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®

This prestigious program comprises two awards: The NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence® Sales Award® and the NJ Realtors® Distinguished Sales Club. Applications will open on Aug. 1 and will be due by 5 p.m. EST on Jan. 8, 2024.

The NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence® Sales Award® recognizes those members who have demonstrated excellence in the field of salesmanship.

The 2023 award levels are:

  • Platinum: $20 million and 30 units minimum, or 125 units
  • Gold: $12 million and 25 units minimum, or 90 units
  • Silver: $6.5 million and 20 units minimum, or 70 units
  • Bronze: $2.5 million and 15 units minimum, or 30 units

2023 Award Updates

Rental Calculations
The calculations of rentals to units were changed for both long-term rentals and short-term rentals:
Long Term Rentals
1 Long Term Rental = 1 Unit

Short Term Rentals
10 Short Term Rentals = 1 Unit
These new rental calculations apply to both dollar and unit methods and strictly unit methods.

Non-MLS Rental Date
For non-MLS rental transactions, the sale used for transaction eligibility is now the lease start date. Rental transactions listed in the MLS remain as a close date.


The NJ Realtors® Distinguished Sales Club Award is presented to NJ Realtors® members who have been recipients of the Circle of Excellence® Sales Award® for 10 years (which need not be consecutively earned).

If you have additional questions on what to include with your application, email questions to

Realtor® & Realtor-Associate of the Year

The 2023 REALTOR® Of the Year for Sussex County is: Pam Vreeland


Awarded annually at the Realtors® Triple Play Convention & Trade Expo, the Realtor® and Realtor-Associate® of the Year awards are given to two association members who have contributed the most to the advancement of his/her community and the cause of Realtors®. In addition, these individuals have exemplified significant involvement in humanitarian services.

Realtors® and Realtor-Associates® are nominated by each local board or association. Once nominations are submitted, nominees are judged by an independent panel on six categories:

  • Realtor® Spirit
  • Local Board Activity
  • State Association Activity
  • National Association Activity
  • Business Accomplishments
  • Community Services and Involvement and/or Humanitarian Services

The state award winner is chosen by an independent panel of judges from the pool of local board winners.

Deadline is July 1st at 4pm. Download application Here.

*Only association executives may submit Realtor of the Year applications on behalf of their board/association. Email Mary Pilaar at if you need the application link.

Good Neighbor Award

The New Jersey Realtors® Good Neighbor Award recognizes Realtors® who have made an extraordinary commitment to community service on the local, national and/or global level.

Three winners are chosen annually and receive a grant in the amount of $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second, or $1,000 for third place for the charity organization of their choice.

All winners are recognized in the January/February issue of New Jersey Realtor®, on our website, receive state and local publicity, and an award signifying their contributions. All three winners are also announced in December during an awards ceremony at the Realtors® Triple Play Convention and Trade Expo.

Apply Here. Deadline is September 6, 2024


Quarter Century Club


The Quarter Century Club honors NJ Realtor® members who have served as Realtors® or Realtor-Associates® faithfully in New Jersey for 25 years or more. The 2024 application is now available and must be submitted to your local/board association no later than Friday, September 27, 2024. No exceptions!

The Quarter Century Club requirements are:

1. Membership is open to members of New Jersey REALTORS® only, both REALTORS® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATES®.

2. New Jersey REALTORS® membership for 25 years (need not be consecutive). Those persons who have been in the real estate business but NOT members of New Jersey REALTORS® for 25 years are NOT eligible

3. Members will be requested to send applications/proof to local boards/associations by September 27, 2024

4. Boards/associations should return list of qualified members together with a check totaling $10.00 per recipient to New Jersey REALTORS® by October 18, 2024

5. Burden of proof of membership and time served is the responsibility of the applicant/board. By submitting a member’s name, the board/association is confirming proof of 25-year membership with New Jersey REALTORS®


The application is to be completed by the member, who should include necessary documentation to aid you in verifying membership. Once the final approved list of applicants is received by New Jersey REALTORS®, you will be sent the pins and certificates to distribute to inductees.

Again, due date for applications to boards/associations will be September 27, 2024. And due date for local boards/associations to return list of names to New Jersey REALTORS® with check ($10.00 per applicant) will be October 18, 2024.

Please make sure the names on the submitted list to New Jersey REALTORS® are exactly the way you want them to appear on the certificates.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristi Higgins at or 609-341-7121.