Key / Lockboxes

SCAR serves as a store location for the Garden State Multiple Listing Service’s EKey and Lockbox system.  A GSMLS ID is required to obtain an EKey or Lockbox.

To purchase a new key, please contact the SCAR Office to expedite completion of the paperwork before coming in to finalize the paperwork and pick up the key.

Optional insurance can be purchased on the key for a small annual fee that will allow free replacement is the key is lost, stolen or damaged.

If a key is not working properly contact Supra Technical Support at 877-699-6787.  If Tech Support is unable to correct the problem a reference number will be provided for free key replacement.  Contact the SCAR Office with the reference number in advance of arriving to pick up your replacement key in order to expedite the paperwork process required.

Forgotten PIN

The registered user of an EKey can contact the SCAR Office to verify their PIN Code.  PIN Codes cannot be given to other members not registered as the key holder.


Lockboxes can also be purchased at the SCAR Office.  Lockbox codes can be verified by the registered owner through the SCAR Office.  Lockbox codes cannot be given to other agents.

If you purchase a used lockbox from the previous registered owner, provide the purchase information to Garden State MLS in order to have the box registered to the new owner.