NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award® Donation Deadline October 1, 2021

A minimum contribution of $100 to RPAC earns one credit towards the New Jersey Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®. Keep in mind, donations must be received by the close of business on Friday October 1, 2021 to be eligible for the award credit. DON’T MISS OUT!! Once the deadline has passed you will NOT be able to receive your unit award. Donate today!

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Why Does RPAC Matter?

RPAC is the voice of Realtors® on a local, state and national level. It is the only political group in New Jersey, and the nation, organized for and run by Realtors® that exists solely to further issues important to Realtors®, private property owners and the real estate market. Home ownership is an essential part of the U.S. and state economy. Nearly 18 million jobs are supported by the real estate industry. For every two homes sold, one job is created, and every home sale leads to over $60,000 in economic activity.

RPAC ensures that laws that aim to restrict the industry are defeated and laws supporting the industry are put into action! RPAC works by engaging in the Legislature’s political agendas, building relationships with key politicians on all levels, and working with state agencies to make sure that proposed rules take into consideration the views of property owners and Realtors®!

5 Ways RPAC Saves

Reach out to Emily for information on the upcoming legislative issues in New Jersey that will effect the Real Estate industry and what SCAR and NJR are doing to help.

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